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Sandal foot Varus
Jan 05, 2017

Foot type description: this is a very common and most dreaded foot type. Pair of medial position it near the big toe, two pieces of protruding bones are always moments are ruining the shape of the shoe, and ruin the perfect elegant delicate image, really frustrating.

Sandals selected small tips: has phalanges within turned type double feet of MM don't discouraged, Bell sister-in-law Victoria is this lineup in the of a member, not as fashion have no can picky! should this a quarter of sandals acquisition plans, selected double foot sides package tight of style, to dark lace, and mesh, material for preferred, metal rivet, and stereo flowers, very with expansion sense of material disabled, retro bandages details hold eye, highlight of foot bone hidden in package tight of shoes side in not to too striking.

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