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Slippers Of Ancient Popular
Jan 05, 2017

"Gung clip-board" prevailed in the earliest period of our country, Xie had to reform it, so it is also called "Xie Gong performance." There is a Tang dynasty "I wear his pegged boots, up a ladder of blue cloud", says this kind of clogs. A dream of Red mansions in the often sentimental son of Jia Baoyu is the wooden slippers worn by. As to how the clog was living on civil society and across the sea to Japan, not details. Unofficial history from the perspective of civilians, said wooden clogs "are used to rain, min are no different. Cantonese, rain or shine, men and women alike, all NIE "to clear", and during the reign of Emperor Xuantong Guangxu, Shanghai-for boys and girls, summer Noir drag "is already a modern thing.

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